3rd International Danube Symposium

Enabling Whole Person Research: The Transformative Impact of Total Body PET, Complexity Science and Network Medicine


Recently introduced Total-body PET systems offer a paradigm shift in medical sciences, providing a comprehensive assessment of the entire patient with their biological and clinical state, rather than just isolated diseases or organs. This new and innovative technology enables researchers and healthcare providers to record total body tracer kinetics from which quantitative whole body functional parametric images can be obtained. These data offer the means to assess inter-organ communication and track the transition from health to disease, thus yielding potentially a more complete understanding of the subject’s overall health in real time and progression over time with clinical intervention.

„Enabling Whole Person Research: The Transformative Impact of Total Body PET, Complexity Science and Network Medicine.“ is organized as an international, cross-discipline symposium to project on the role of total-body Positron Emission Tomography (PET) within a symbiotic partnership with network medicine and complexity sciences for advancing medical and clinical sciences towards whole person health research.

To fully realize the potential of total-body PET imaging, appropriate research questions with accompanying paradigms and protocols need to be derived. Advanced computational tools and novel workflows are required to make the vast amounts of data produced by these systems available to address the clinical research questions and clinical decision-making. This symposium will bring together experts from nuclear medicine, molecular biology, physiology, network medicine, and data sciences, to annotate the state-of-the-art in their domains and to carve our paradigms and protocols to better understand whole person health and disease.

The symposium will feature invited presentations by renown experts in diverse complementary fields. Moderated debates are structured along organ axes and physiological interventions. This visionary event is designed to build a cross-specialty community of experts from diverse disciplines to advance whole person research and complement other, more technically or clinically focused meetings. Join us and become part of a new and ambitious community dedicated to advancing the field of medical and clinical research.

Marcus Hacker and Thomas Beyer, on behalf of the Org and Sci Com



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