General Information


The “3rd Donau Symposium” will be accredited with 15 DFP points. Final approval from the Austrian Medical Chamber is pending.

Registration Fees

remain as for 2020. And much more – of course your registration remains active and we are very much looking forward to welcoming you 2023 in Vienna.

Secretariat and registration desk

The congress secretariat as well as the registration desk will be open: during the entire congress onsite. Exact times to follow

Airport and arrival information

Vienna International Airport (Schwechat) is located outside the city limits. To get to the center of Vienna you can choose either the City Airport Train, one of the airport express busses, the city railroad or a taxi. City Airport Train (CAT): leaves every half hour (00:05 & 00:35) from the airport to the city center (Landstrasse/Wien Mitte) and from there back to the airport every half hour. More information to be found under 

City of Vienna

Vienna is a pulsating metropolis, unifying tradition and modern spirit. You will be enchanted by Vienna’s imperial heritage, the glorious buildings at the “Ringstrasse” and the large number of world-famous works of art. You can relax in one of the countless restaurants, coffee houses and bars or visit the enchanting parks, stately tree-lined alleys or city wineries in Grinzing. Get to know the unique diversity of the Austrian capital during your conference: Vienna waits for you!


The daytime temperatures in September linger between 14° – 21°Celsius, and it may also be rainy and windy.

Credit cards

All major credit cards, including Eurocard, Diners, VISA and Mastercard are accepted in restaurants, hotels, shopping centers and stores. Travel cheques can be cashed in most banks and exchange offices.


The power supply in Austria is 220/240 Volt-current. Most electric outlets adhere to the continental standard (Schuko). Appliances from North America require a transformer and British appliances require an adaptor for the two-pin sockets in use in Austria.

Taxes & Tipping

The standard tax rate is 20%, however, some services such as hotel, food and transport have a reduced rate of 10%. Most services do not include tipping. In higher class restaurants it is common to give up to 10% of the total. For any other services (taxi, restaurants, hotel) it is up to you how much you want give.




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