Date:               14. – 16. March 2018

Location:        Park Hyatt Vienna, Vienna/AUSTRIA

Organizing Bodies:

MedUni Vienna, CBmed, LBI

Objective. Modern patient care depends on access to state-of-the-art diagnostics including imaging, pathology and data analysis methods. These fields, while being in active pursuit by several groups, cannot be regarded independently anymore. Today, a number of novel and effective pharmaceuticals for therapeutic interventions are available but treatment response is limited due to insufficient a priori patient selection.

If we want to expand on our understanding of disease mechanisms, shortcut target identification and progress in the assessment of subsequent, novel therapeutic approaches, wider collaborative efforts across existing boundaries of medical disciplines and applied sciences are needed. These efforts must not stop at pointing to selected targets and therapies but support going the last mile to turn effective disease management into cost-effective patient management.

This congress intends to provide a forum to open-minded experts both from academia and industry in the field of molecular pathology, nuclear medicine, clinical pharmacology and beyond who share this vision and like to engage in advancing effective and individualized treatments based on novel and validated diagnostic approaches.

The “2nd Donau Symposium” will be accredited with 14 DFP points. Final approval from the Austrian Medical Chamber is pending.